Eklypce – Passion After Midnight – Full Album (vinyl to digital capture release) w/bonus tracks


Album Intro
Lady Love
I'm Only Me
Need You In My Life
Make Me Feel Right
Spirits Cryin' Again
Keep The Faith
Be Your Everything
Final Time Intro
Final Time Has Come
Bonus Track - Album Intro with added instruments and effects
Bonus Track - Keep The Faith with added instruments
Bonus Track - Spirits Cryin' Again - Remastered with added instruments and effects

Two BONUS Tracks Included!!! Looking for some vintage AOR? This collection is a professionally converted digital format that was captured off an original unopened vinyl version of Passion After Midnight by Eklypce. This album is available here in .mp3 format. If you would like the larger uncompressed versions please contact us.

Recorded in 1989 at Pyramid Sound Recording Studios – 105 E Clinton St, Ithaca, NY 14850. Engineered and mixed by Rob (Whacko) Hunter of Raven.
Digital Conversion by Timothy Guhl.

Eklypce was an American Original Rock band from the United States.
Eklypce Artists:
Bob Wheeler: Lead Vocals
William Blanchard: Keyboards
(Monster) Mike Merrifield: Drums
Scott Spiess: Guitar
Brian Fisher: Guitar
Mike (Granny) Fialkovic: Bass

All Songs Written By Bob Wheeler and William Blanchard ©1989 Wheeler/Blanchard & Mark Records Passion After Midnight is registered with BMI **Bonus tracks were recently remastered by William Blanchard. Added guitars, keyboards and special effects make these bonus tracks sound amazing.



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